The difference we make

The difference we make

The difference we make

How we make a difference

CFAB’s mission is to use our expertise and experience to ensure vulnerable children and families who are separated across international borders are given care and protection, no matter where they come from. As the only UK charity with a qualified team of international child protection professionals, we are uniquely placed to help children reunite safely with family.
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A snapshot of 2022/23


through our Advice Line, and 405 children through our casework



partners around the world
With new partners in Spain, Romania, the UAE, &


concerning children linked to 68 different countries

Family member, 2019

We are truly grateful for the support and care that CFAB has given us over the past year and are so happy to be reunited. Since our daughter has come to the UK to live with us, she has been much happier and is more emotionally stable. We look forward to our future together as a family.

To find out more about the difference we have made to children and families in the last year, please click the button below to view our Impact at a Glance – 2023 update.

Impact at a Glance
The difference we make

How we measure our impact

At CFAB, we recognise the importance of measuring our impact. Doing so enables us to demonstrate the difference that we make but also ensures that we are constantly working towards realising our vision of a world where the complexity of migration and international separation does not deny children with vulnerabilities the right to care, protection and a safe family environment.

We are working hard to build our impact measurement practice, implementing methods for feedback collection, surveys and the tracing of outcomes through our casework. We continuously evaluate our services through these methods in order to measure our impact and our progress against our aims, as well as to hold ourselves accountable.

Through our work, we aim to achieve the following outcomes for vulnerable children:

  • Children and young people are given access to a safe and stable family life.
  • Young people have improved life outcomes and are given the opportunity to thrive.
  • A child’s right to family is more widely upheld in cross-border cases and less children are placed in institutional care.

To further understand the outcomes that we work towards, please see our Theory of Change.

Our Theory of Change

Impact Report 2022-23

Our Impact Report 2022-23 pulls together all the data collected on our services to illustrate the impact we have had on the vulnerable children and families we have supported this past year.

Click on the link below to see how CFAB is fulfilling our mission of protecting children and reuniting families more than ever before.

Download Impact Report
CFAB's Income

How we spend our money

We want to ensure that children are cared for and protected wherever they are from. In order to do this, we:

  • Employ highly skilled professional social workers and invest in training our case workers – this means we can provide the very best support possible for each child we help. 
  • Run an Advice Line staffed daily by our trained team – this ensures our advice is always tailored to each enquiry we receive. 
  • Train and support partners in the UK and overseas – we share our knowledge with other agencies, many much bigger than ourselves, so they are better able to support vulnerable children from overseas. 
  • Employ a small number of qualified staff to ensure the charity is well managed, efficiently run and meets its responsibilities towards its beneficiaries and donors.
  • Maintain a small office in London to develop the working relationships we need with central government departments and agencies, and with the consular community.
CFAB's Income

How we manage our money

CFAB is serious about keeping its costs to a minimum so that we have sufficient resources in place and never have to turn away a case involving a child that we can help.  We are conscious of the responsibility we have to donors who entrust us with their money to spend it wisely. Our salaries are benchmarked against other charities of our size, we systematically and continually review every item of expenditure we make and we pursue savings where possible. We also renegotiate all supplier contracts regularly to make considerable savings on our operating costs.

To find out more about our governance and read our annual reports.

Governance & Reports