What We do

We protect children and reunite families across borders.

Our Vision

CFAB’s vision is of a world where the complexity of migration and international separation does not deny children in need the right to care, protection and a safe family environment.

Our Mission

CFAB’s mission is to use our expertise to ensure children who have become separated from their families across international borders, are given care and protection, no matter where they come from. 

Our Values

Throughout our long history, CFAB’s values of professionalism, impartiality and respect underpin everything we do to provide care and protection for children in need, and reunite them with family wherever possible. 

Our Values

Our Values

We protect children and reunite families across borders.

CFAB exists to ensure that every child in the UK has the right to care, protection and family life, no matter where they come from.

In an increasingly globalised world, we recognise the complexity of international social work. With our partners worldwide, CFAB works to increase efficiency and provide an effective, high quality service. 

We provide our expertise and experience to local authorities, the courts and other public agencies to help ensure the best possible outcomes for children. 

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As the UK arm of the ISS Network, CFAB is part of a worldwide network of professionals working in over 130 countries, allowing us to access expert support from around the world to protect children at risk. CFAB’s team includes professionally qualified social workers and caseworkers specially trained to manage inter-country social work cases.

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CFAB’s work is grounded in the best interests of vulnerable children and adults and we defend and uphold their rights to protection, care and family life. CFAB does not have any political affiliation or agenda. We work with local authorities, the courts, the police and other agencies to ensure that the protection and care of vulnerable children and adults is at the heart of decision-making.


CFAB ensures children and vulnerable adults play a role in decisions that affect their lives. We value the role, expertise and experience of our overseas partners, without whom we could not effectively safeguard children and vulnerable adults. We recognise that the complexity of international social work demands we all work together to secure the best outcome possible for every beneficiary.

Statistics About Us

A snapshot of 2020/21


through our Advice Line, and 439 children through our casework


concerning children linked to 132 different countries


a 30% increase from the previous year