Meet one of the experts who delivers our Child Trafficking and Best Interests Assessment Training

CFAB is delighted to introduce Hannah Stott, the highly-qualified professional who delivers our Child Trafficking and Best Interests Assessment Training.

Hannah Stott has over 20 years’ voluntary sector experience, mobilising, managing and leading specialist services for unaccompanied and refugee children and children who have been trafficked. Hannah holds two undergraduate degrees in 1) Social Work (England) and 2) International Relations and Development Studies. In addition, she achieved a postgraduate degree in Migration, Mental Health and Social Care.

Her consultancy Safe to Grow helps government, public authorities and civil society organisations to develop, research and evaluate services that support children and adults who have been trafficked or forced to migrate. She is dedicated to supporting people who have experienced exploitation, trauma and loss, to navigate the systems in which they find themselves; to enable their voices to be heard, to support them in sharing their stories and ultimately in rebuilding their lives.

If our Child Trafficking and Best Interest Assessment Training, which Hannah delivers, sounds of any interest to you, please do get in touch at to learn more.