Ukraine Crisis: Useful Resources

For those working to support Ukrainian refugee families, please find links below to useful resources:

CFAB Factsheet: Ukraine Crisis and International Standards

This document provides guidance on how to apply international standards when working with children and their families impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

International Social Services & International Reference Centre: Information on Ukraine – Provisions related to the guardianship/custody of children

This document provides clear provisions on the Ukrainian custody care system and the appointment of a guardian or custodian for a child.  

Save the Children Training

For those local authorities or host families looking to better understand the needs of Ukrainian resettled and refugee families and children, Save the Children are providing training which covers their culture, their journey to get there and the potential impact of their experience on their mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, including sleep patterns. The training also looks at working with translators.  For further information watch

For further information on how CFAB can assist local authorities with Ukrainian refugee children and their families, please call us on 020 7735 8941 or email