Have you heard of CFAB’s Pre-Payment Scheme?

CFAB’s pre-payment scheme is designed for local authorities which have a high demand for advice and assistance on cross-border cases involving vulnerable children. We know how tight budgets can be, and we also know the difficulty that comes with administrative delays surrounding payments for social workers on urgent cases. As a charity, we never make a profit on our services, so having this scheme allows us more flexibility with our work and enables us to carry out referrals, casework and our Advice Line at an increased capacity.

This scheme is designed to be both cost-effective and efficient for local authorities – signing up means that whenever you have a referral, we can start working with our international partners in over 130 countries immediately, without delay. As you can see from our list of fees here, accessing our wide range of services is far cheaper as a member of CFAB's pre-payment scheme, which will ensure your vital child protection work can be as smooth, cost-effective and quick as possible.

Our agreements offer flexibility, with 1, 2 or 3 year plans available – we know it’s difficult to predict how many complex cross-border cases you may get annually, so the multi-year options offer the security that the maximum service usage will be attained during your time signed up to the scheme.  To make things even more flexible and economical, our scheme will allow you to roll-over any underspends from one contract year to the next, making our multi-year plans extremely adaptable to the various and unpredictable nature of casework with an international element.

As you may also know, CFAB also offers a wide range of trainings on international social work, developed and conducted by our expert inter-country social work team. We can arrange for our Child Trafficking, Best Interest Assessment and our International Child Protection or Kinship Care training to be delivered personally to individual UK local authorities, at the times and dates that suit you the most. As a member of our pre-payment scheme, you will receive 20-30% discounts on these exclusive trainings, and social workers working for member local authorities can also receive discounts on our training tailored specifically for individual professionals, such as our International Social Work Certificate. To learn more about these trainings, please email us at info@cfab.org.uk or take a look at our Eventbrite page here.

We know how intense workloads can be for social workers and local authorities, so this scheme was designed to make things as quick and easy as possible for you, allowing you to continue your important child protection work, whilst we continue ours.  

To learn more about our pre-payment scheme and how you can sign up, please email info@cfab.org.uk for more information.