Register your interest for CFAB's new International Social Work Certificate

June 2021

With an increasingly international population, it is essential that social workers keep up with global current events, as well as understand how to work within international legislation and cooperate with social service professionals overseas.  We all have a responsibility to keep children safe - even when casework crosses borders.  

CFAB have developed an International Social Work Certificate which will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to handle casework which involves another country. It covers the basics in the areas of:

  • International Surrogacy
  • International Adoption
  • International Kinship Care
  • International Abduction
  • Forced Marriages & Harmful Practices
  • FGM & Gender-Based Violence

This self-paced online course contains lectures on each topic with an accompanying knowledge quiz and approximately 15 hours of CPD learning.  The course uses a variety of real-life case studies, written text, self-reflection and interactive activities to help you understand your responsibilities.

"I am really impressed with the handouts and presentations – incredibly focused and clear with complex information put in an easy manner to make sense of ". Feedback from the ISW Certificate Pilot

We are currently piloting the course with members and will be launching more widely in due course. To register your interest in finding out more, please email